Emergency Information

Emergency Updates/Timely Warnings

How to Report an Incident:

If an incident in is progress, or has just occurred call 911 immediately.

For all other campus incident reporting, please complete the incident report form, and contact the Non-Emergency Contact numbers above, or email [email protected].

Non-Emergency Contacts:

  • Santa Barbara: (805) 979-9860; After Hours: (805) 207-3674 or (805) 207-3129 (Securitas Patrol)
  • Ventura: (805) 765-9300; After Hours: (805) 207-3131 (Securitas Patrol)
  • [email protected]

Emergency Contacts:

  • Santa Barbara Fire Department: (805) 965-5254
  • Santa Barbara Police Department: (805) 897-2300
  • Ventura Fire Department: (805) 339-4300
  • Ventura Police Department: (805) 339-4400

COL Emergency Notification Systems:

  • Rave Alert: The Rave system enables College officials to contact registered members of the Colleges of Law via text message, voicemail and/or e‐mail to apprise them of emergency situations or other ongoing risks to public safety in our campus community. The Rave system can be accessed by visiting https://www.getrave.com/login/tcsedsystem.
  • Emergency Information on COL Website: In the event of a major emergency, information about the status of the College is posted here.
  • Email Notifications: The College of Law maintains a list of email addresses for all students, faculty, and staff that can be segmented to distribute timely information about crimes as well as emergencies and other situations posing a risk to campus safety. Members of the COL community are encouraged to check their Colleges of Law email account for safety and security information.
  • Departmental Phone Tree: COL Administration maintains a stakeholder communication roster and a phone tree to expedite emergency communications.

List of Campus Security Authorities (CSA)

While students are encouraged to report crimes to the police, they are also urged to report any incidents to a campus security authority listed below for proper incident tracking.  The current designated CSAs and their titles are:

Emergency Documentation:

2019 Annual Security Report

2018 Annual Security Report

2017 Annual Security Report

2016 Annual Security Report

2016 Colleges of Law Emergency Operations Plan